The work of the winegrower all along the year


A quality wine requires a series of care in the vineyard throughout the year. Monitoring the growth, insects and pests of the vine and harvesting at the right time are some of the most important tasks of the winegrower.

Let’s have a look to all the work that takes place in the vineyard during the year.

Pruning of the vine
The pruning, which begins on the month of December until the month of March, is one of the most delicate works, since it requires an adequate technique and a knowledge of the strains.
Once the pruning is finished, the tying of the strain begins. It is a question of joining each branch to the wire that supports it, to control its growth.

Application of subscribers and preventive treatments
From April we must pay attention to the climate, because certain conditions of humidity and temperature can lead to the appearance of fungi, which can damage the harvest.
In this way the soil is prepared so that it has a good supply of nutrients in the sprouting in March and April. In addition, controls of the vine are necessary to act on them quickly and effectively.

The green pruning
In the spring, during the vegetative development phase, buds that we do not want begin to sprout, so we do what we call "green pruning", which allows to make a selection of future clusters that will form.
To this end, its verticality, age and vigor are observed, thus ensuring the balanced distribution of clusters in the future and promoting health.

Grape harvest
In the days before the harvest, those leaves that be a risk to the health of the grape or an impediment to its optimal maturation, are strategically removed.
The harvest usually begins in September, but determining its date is one of the most important decisions taken in the winery and is decided by a series of very complex factors, such as climatic parameters, evolution of the vine cycle and extensive grape analysis.

Once the harvest is over, the vegetative cycle begins again. The strains have borne fruit and need the soil to provide the nutrients to be able to do it again. It’s time to control weeds and decide on planting density.