About Us

Nine of the most important winery groups in Spain: Barbadillo, González Byass, Grupo Freixenet, Osborne and Pagos del Rey (Grupo Félix Solís), Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, Ramón Bilbao (Grupo Diego Zamora), Terras Gauda and Vivanco, have promoted through the Leading Brands of Spain Forum the present tourism project that tries to value the enormous heritage around the world of wine existing in Spain.
This heritage not only encompasses the wine itself, but like the vines themselves, it sinks its deep roots into a complex fabric that includes history, gastronomy, the landscape and the people of this unique country, Spain.
SpainTOP, a receptive tourism agency with offices in Madrid, has been chosen to carry out the operational part of this project in close collaboration with the member wineries, but also with local actors, hotels and restaurants. In this way, we have gathered all the ingredients to meet the expectations of the most demanding travelers, wine lovers in search of quality, elegance, exclusivity and authenticity.
For us, wine is much more than a drink: it is poetry, history and above all a social expression. We share this passion for Spanish wines and vineyards with our clients, travelers who love good wine and gastronomy in general.
We want to put at your disposal all the resources available for you to enjoy a complete trip and discover every corner of our geography through wineries of international projection, which have centuries-old histories and wines of extraordinary quality.
The project has the endorsement of the World Tourism Organization, which is Honorary Partner of the Project, and is also articulated thanks to the following Affiliates