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The authenticity of this region lies in its inheritance of geographic and natural characteristics of unique beauty. Somontano is made of 23 villages of medieval origins with 23 stories that have given life to the region and will, without a doubt, give life to your memories. It is located at the foot of Pyrenees, and that is probably where its name "Somontano" (meaning "under the mountain") is originating from.

Its unique combination of climate, soil and winemakers' knowledge make this Designation of Origin an excellent site for the vine cultivation and winemaking. Somontano is potentially one of Spain's most exciting wine regions. It enjoys a perfectly equilibrated symphony between mountain, earth, river and people, where the wineries appear everywhere. Its history will make you feel young due to the strength that the environment transmits.

 A visit to Barbastro, "wine capital" of the region whose history is projected on the walls of its wineries, can submerge us into the local lifestyle and delight us with all of its gastronomic and winemaking might. Standing before the most imposing mountain range of the Iberian Peninsula, we can appreciate the wineries and products of nature being as splendid, as they are unique. The vicinity to Benasque and Cerler, similarly to the natural parks of the Pyrenees and its medieval villages, render the region more enjoyable among its history and gastronomy.

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Top-quality wines to be sampled and savoured slowly

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