La Rioja

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There is a reason why Rioja is known as a premium wine region of Spain. Beyond its outstanding wines, the landscape within the protective embrace of the Cantabrian Mountains is truly breathtaking. The rolling hills nestling the medieval villages, lush vineyards and blossoming cherry trees do not take long to fall in love. Located in northern Spain, its elegance and richness are a once in a lifetime experience to behold!

La Rioja sets the stage for a beautifully symbiotic dance between earth and man. Since the 11th century, man and grapevine continuously adapted to each other, writing a joint history and creating an emblematic region. This has not only given the region one of the best and most recognized wines in the world but has also resulted in the development of its own distinct idiosyncrasy, customs and traditions. With a richness of quality ingredients and a history of impressive local gastronomy, it's not difficult to come to Rioja with high expectations.

Rioja's connection with the Cantabrian Sea and its breathtaking natural environment are also great assets of the region. The latter displays an array of colours that change with the seasons and are unique to the geography of Europe. The villages of La Rioja, such as Laguardia, Haro and Santo Domingo de la Calzada, boast a rich cultural heritage with sites of international interest, such as the great monasteries of Yuso and Suso, the Camino de Santiago or the less known Camino Ignacio. Its natural connection with the Basque Country and its convenient proximity to the coast allows for the exchange of land and sea products, which are circumstances that have derived into unique and universally renowned gastronomy.

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