Wine Experiences with an Atlantic Flair

The Designation of Origin of Rías Baixas stretches across the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra, spanning between the Santiago de Compostela and the frontier with Portugal, where the River Miño joins the Atlantic Ocean. Rías Baixas stands for "Lower Rias" in Galician language and refers to four estuaries. These "Rías Baixas" make the arms of the sea mixing salt and fresh water to nourish probably the world's most abundant maritime life while contributing to the distinctive geography of the region and its unique terroirs favouring the distinct personality of its wines.

Encompassing five perfectly defined sub-regions from north to south DO Rías Baixas shelters the valleys of the rushing rivers forming distinctive landscapes dominated by vineyards and small villages. Every corner here is home to a new legend and a unique landscape worth stopping by and enjoying its people and of course its culture primarily through the local food and wine.

To the east from Rias Baixas, right on the border between Galicia and Castilla y Leon, Bierzo is another wine region, maybe of a kind that wine lovers dream to discover. This remote verdant DO is a little known embraced by a lush, beautiful landscape.

The vineyards themselves are among the most beautiful in Spain. Many are planted in picturesque terraces along the steep slopes of the Sil river valley, some with such marked inclination that mules are used for the harvest. The heart and soul of Bierzo is Cacabelos, a buzzing market town and an essential stop along Spain's legendary pilgrim's route, the Camino de Santiago. Although the wine business is centred here, this pretty riverside town is hardly Bierzo's only attraction. Large towns like Ponferrada and Vilafranca del Bierzo tempt with Templar castles, medieval monasteries, and once-extravagant palaces.

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